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Billiard Kazan

Twilight room, bright spot light over the table with a green cloth, gallant and gentle professional markers, pleasant weight of a cue, dry knocks of a striking balls and soft rustle of pockets when the ball goes in. Playing on a billiard is considered to be the game of elite and it suits you.

Nowadays It isnt hard to find a billiard in Kazan, there are specialized clubs, some restaurants have decent tables and halls are designed for billiard, and we have one of them.


Playing billiards is a great leisure activity and a possibility to check out your luck and tickle your nerves meeting strong opponents. If you are lucky to be in Kazan and live in our hotel, than its hard to imagine better activity for your evenings, pool, Russian pool all you might want! Comfortable table, high quality equipment, as it is pointed out by the professional players who come by our hotel pretty often. While you are waiting for your turn, you can shorten the time by a foamy mug or something more solid, the choice is yours. Unobtrusive service wont drive you away from the game whether you are alone or with your friends there is enough place for everyone. You decide for yourself how many games you want to play and the pleasure is guaranteed!

You think there is enough billiards for tonight? We can offer you a restaurant, sauna, and our partner tour agencies promise a wide range of tours and excursions and this is only the top of the list of options. Kazan is a hospitable city, where everyone can find leisure activity that suits them. Everything that might be interested can be found at the hotel just ask the reception.

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