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Bus tours to Kazan

Do you want to change the scenery and start a new interesting travel? For weekends, for example? And to get a lot of new emotions and experience during these days?

Kazan bus tours is a comfortable and convenient trips with entertaining culture context. You can fulfill the idea of a little interesting trip, booking bus tours in our hotel.

Reaching Kazan by bus is quite fast from a lot of regions of Russia and the price of such trip will leave good impression. You can come with your family as there are places of interest to both grown-ups and children and we will make everything we can for you to remember the tour.

Bus tours to Kazan were always popular and people come from Samara, Saratov, Moscow and St. Petersburg and other Russian cities to see Kazan. You can also count on the hotel Aviator if you want a one day trip to Kazan!

You will have:

  • Comfortable bus trip: you will not be tired from the road, hence you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of a different city, where cultures of East and West coexist, the trip will be interesting and convenient.
  • Rich excursion programs: during 1 day in Kazan you can visit most interesting places orthodox churches and mosques, Kazan Kremlin. You can have a walk at the seafront, visit the famous port Millenium or to look from the birds eye from the Ferris wheel at the amusement park.
  • Accommodation in our hotel: we organize meals and you will avoid unneeded spendings and enjoi an awesome national cuisine.


Thus bus tours to Kazan allow you to fully enjoy our unusual city. You will see tourist attraction , famous all over the country.

Bus tour to Kazan is an affordable and interesting option for your leisure popular in any season. Lots of joyful emotions and impressions are waiting for you and professional guides are at your service. You will learn a lot of fascinating facts about our ancient city, dive deep into days of the past and fell the rhythms of modern Kazan.

Bus tour to Kazan is an opportunity to see architectural ensembles that cant be found anywhere else with your own eyes as Kazan is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, where Europe and Asia so effectively meet and co-exist.

If you are curious and want to take most out of the city, choose bus tours to Kazan and you wont be disappointed.

Bus tours to Kazan organized for you by the hotel Aviator is a great opportunity to visit our beautiful city and get to know its attractions.

You will be able to save money and have good holidays, full of new experience and fresh emotion and, of course, have something to tell your friends back home.

For more information call booking dept.+7 (843)571-99-81,
245-40-12 or send an e-mail to aviatorkazan@mail.ru

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